The Pattonville Fire Protection District Training Division is charged with keeping all members of the District trained to a high level of proficiency in a wide assortment of job skills.  The Districts primary missions include Emergency Medical Service (EMS) delivery, fire suppression, vehicle accident extrication, swift water rescue, boat rescue and hazardous materials.  Several different organizations influence our training and education efforts including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Missouri Bureau of EMS, Missouri Division of Fire Safety, Code of Federal Regulations, and Insurance Services Organization.   
The training division is led by the Deputy Chief of Training & Operations.  The training chief also has a group of dedicated fire fighter/paramedics who also serve as instructors with specialized training in the areas of Fire Ground Survival, Rescue Technician, Incident Command, Peer Fitness Training, and Live Fire Instruction. 
In addition to the primary missions above, our fire fighter/paramedics also train in the following areas: natural disaster management, incident command, fire scene safety, fire instructor development, fire officer development, National Incident Management System, railroad emergencies, roadway safety, hazardous materials decontamination, driver training, motor engineer training and much more. 
The job of the training division is to not only keep those skills already learned at a very high level, but to further the training of all our personnel through both advanced education and introducing new training concepts.  This is accomplished through a combination of classroom learning and practical exercises.  The practical exercises range from table-top exercises to practicing vehicle extrication to live burn training using burn towers.  Pattonville training is done independently as well as with our neighboring fire departments. 

The mission of the Pattonville Training Division is to provide quality, realistic, and contemporary training in order to deliver the best possible emergency services to the community in the safest, most efficient and most effective manner possible.   The Core Values of the Training Division are Safety, Mentoring, Honor, Professionalism and Integrity.