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Through an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG), Pattonville Fire Protection District was able to build a state of the art Command Training Center (CTC).  While this facility can be used for most types of training, the CTC is specifically designed to teach Incident Command using the Blue Card Incident Command Certification program.  The command certification training utilizes video simulations of working fires in order to provide the most realistic command training opportunity available.  The combination of interactive videos provides the best means of identifying tactical or operational shortcomings.  The repetitive nature of the program positively reinforces the lessons learned throughout the program.

Blue Card Incident Command training is the only certified command training in the nation.  The program combines self-paced online learning reinforced with an intensive, interactive 3-day certification lab.  During the lab command students will be evaluated on their performance as a first-arriving company officer as well as a first-arriving battalion chief.  Students will be evaluated on an array of occupancy types including residential, multi-family residential, strip malls, commercial buildings and big box buildings.

The Pattonville CTC offers Incident Command Certification labs on a monthly basis.  Dates for upcoming certification labs are listed below on this page.  The cost to attend the 3-day certification lab is $425.00 per person and includes all educational materials, instructors, and lunch for all 3-days.  Pattonville accepts checks and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover only) for payment.  (Add 3% service charge for credit card payment).

Prior to attending the 3-day lab students must complete the online training portion and achieve a passing score.

For more information on Blue Card Incident Command training or to get started on the online training, click on the Blue Card logo above.  If you would like to complete the Blue Card Incident Command Training Program, please contact Deputy Chief Corey Irelan at to get registered.