Falls are an injury that are often innocent. However, one out of every five falls results in serious injury and in extreme cases even death. There has been extensive research done to identify the risk factors that contribute to falling and what can be done to minimize that risk.

Pattonville Fire Protection District, in conjunction with SSM Health, is proud to announce the launch of an Elderly Fall Prevention program. This program will start with a presentation by an SSM trauma nurse that will identify and educate you on the most common fall risk factors. The nurse and one of your firemedics will then discuss some things you can do and changes you can make in your home to minimize the chances of a fall.

During the fall prevention visit, several other topics will also be covered, including: 

1.)  Completion of a form that provides emergency responders with all of your various medical history, your doctor's name, and family members you would like to have notified in the event of an emergency.

2.)  If you live alone, there will be suggestions offered regarding ways to allow first responders to enter your home without causing damage in the event you have fallen and can't get to the door.

3.)  We will also be available to answer any other questions you may have for us.